Aion Beta Testnet Rewards


Hey everyone!
I just sent an email to everyone on the Beta participants list to fill out a form to receive AION ERC-20 rewards.

Here is the form:

As a reminder rewards will be based on meaningful contribution on this forum, github, and testnet activity. Overall, everyone here has been great! Your feedback and participation has had real impact throughout this phase.

The Beta testnet phase ends today, however the TestNet lives on! There will be another phase of testnet, the public testnet, and we will publish the rewards, timelines, and structure of that phase early next week.

for now I’ll just say Keep track of your addresses and keystores!

Updates to the kernel, and miner module are coming real quick.

Thanks again for all your efforts and contributions
-Jason + Aion Dev team


Hi Jason,

I just wanted to thank you for providing such rewards!
I hope I can contribute more to this project.

Best regards,

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Are there already some updates regarding the rewards? In your last email you mentioned to develop some scripts for sending the tokens. Did you succeed?


Still pursuing script. However, I’ve started to send them out myself. :upside_down_face:


Thanks. Such incentive system will help to build strong and solid community core around AION project.


Do we start from block #0 on the next phase?


I received my beta rewards. Many thanks!

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Me too, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Will continue to do my best to support AION in any way I can!

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yes, the current plan is next phase will start at block #0


At this point in time, what do you mean by ‘next phase’ ? Mainnet or another phase of testnet?


It’s my understanding that the next phase will be another test net. It will have the same genesis as the current one, but new database i.e. no state

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Thank’s for the update Jason.
I didn’t receive anything yet, but maybe I’m at the end of your list :wink:

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I know this might be early to ask, if the next testnet has the same genesis does that mean we will be able to keep our current address / keystore? I’ve grown attached to my address :heartbeat:

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Yes, if you’d like, you can keep your addresses. :house:

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when will you begin with your next test net phase from block #0 ?

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@Jason do we also get to keep the tokens we’ve mined?


How do you know when you get rewarded? Nothing incoming to the eth address I put in the rewards form, so far.


same here. I have not received anything so far.


If I remember correctly I think they said they had something like 200 people and Jason has been sending the tokens manually. Last I saw 2 or 3 dozen people had been sent their tokens ( at least from the address that sent me mine ).


Any news on when the reset/ next test phase will happen?
Is it correct to assume that all token holdings will be reset too, except for those described in the genesis block?

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