Aion Beta Testnet Rewards

@road_to_one_trillion have u received yours? just wondering cause I haven’t received anything yet either.

@johnlim nope nothing at all :frowning:
@Jason is there some limit such that not everyone can get them?

FYI: I received some tokens in the meanwhile. If they are send from the same address then a few people received tokens during the last days as @CryptoCow already mentioned. The amount of tokens send is different according to, so I’m not sure if this address is used for all rewards. But maybe that still helps you a little bit.

I have been doing public test net since it started. Are there any rewards there? Do I need to fill out that form?

@sata3ssd fill out this form. or DM me with your Eth Address.

Also my apologies for being slow, i’ve been working my way down the list.

Overall rewards. @Yang

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hey, Jason, the distributed rewards are for beta testnet or public testnet?

Similar with @sata3ssd. @Jason, @Yang I filled out the form some time ago. Just sent you a DM.

Thank you.

You’re not missing much to be honest, I spent a whole lot of time getting a node and mining working over the various iterations, mined 13,000 coins and got 10 Aion as a reward.

These rewards are not for mining but for community activities. Developers have no way to link your Aion address and your Eth Address and/or e-mail from the filled form.


Yeah, fair enough, but it would be nice to have some recognition for the hours spent working on getting the kernel to sync, resetting it, upgrading then downgrading, getting the miner working etc. over the different releases of the code. One look at the support megathread will tell you how much time and effort people like me put into it.

I’ve also mined a lot of blocks and also spent dozen of hours by monitoring sync process. And I believe this would be rewarded as well in some way. Just be patient.

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@mc_sunw @tarm I see. I wasn’t really expecting much, but if someone was offering some rewards, I wanted to grab some, even if it’s just a bit :slight_smile:

EDIT: actually got some now. Thank you @Jason @Yang

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Yeah … go thru all setups and trying to understand what’s going is no picnic.
good opportunity to dig into AION tech and the way how it works.

I got a bit knowledge of ANN in particular and ML in general. hope that would help for the next POI

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Same here. Maybe you can add your ideas to my post regarding the use of AI/ML algorithms for the PoI consensus algorithm? Distributed Deep Neural Networks for Proof of Intelligence

I primarily develop full-stack applications (JS/Angular, Java/Spring, Python/Flask), but I took Andrew Ng’s Coursera ML course (haha that’s my only ML course), and did undergrad research with neural networks (RNNs/CNNs). By no means am I an expert at it (don’t have an MS/PhD in it), but I would be interested in discussing possibilities/ideas.

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I’d like to participate in the testnet, and help out. Where do I start?

Hi Jason,

Similar to @road_to_one_trillion, I’ve filled up the form quite some time ago. Just sent you a DM.