Aion bridge user experience

Hey, quick feedback regarding the overall bridge user experience.

I used a ledger and MEW.

Up until the bridge part, I’m able to follow everything:

  • generating and signing the transaction
  • Broadcasting it.
  • verify it’s in the mempool via mew
  • see it get on the chain.
  • seeing the blocks confirmed

Then the bridge comes into play and gives me the feeling of a black box.

I can’t :

  • verify the bridge has this transaction but is waiting for confirmations.
  • see the status of the bridge (pending transactions)

All there is to do now, it seems, is reloading the explorer webpage or watching the amount of the wallet software. Unless I’m missing something of course.

It would be nice to have a webpage somewhere (with a spinning gif :wink:) that shows the status of your transaction on the bridge.

Oh, now I see the track status box on the top. Maybe it could have been better positioned in the flow of the form.

Edit: did another transaction, so many pretty spinning gifs, good job team! :slight_smile: