EWBF Aion Miner Released

The pers value MUST be set to AION0PoW otherwise their solutions will be invalid

pers AION0PoW

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Finally, one share accepted, after more than 1 hour of firing blanks… :slight_smile: Thanks, Jason.

Oh good I’ll update my post, didn’t know that.

Great! Pin it, if possible.

Hello guys!
For aion, you do not need to use personalization, use only “algo aion”, but if you use personalization, remember that the register is important, the correct value is AION0PoW

cuda_devices 0 1 2 3
fee          0
templimit    80
pec          1
boff         0
eexit        0
tempunits    C
log          3
logfile      log_name.log
algo         aion

port     3333
user     [YOUR ADDRESS] 

or CLI:
miner --algo aion --server SERVER_ADDR --port PORT --user USER --pass PASSWORD

Good luck!


Case sensitive, beware.
I know that for bitcoingold fork some people missed the case sensitive part lol.
Yannick will be happy. If too much people come, say goodbye to solo mining.

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Thanks @EWBF

so either configure
pers AION0PoW
or delete the line.

Also please support EWBF through mining fees.

Lol we ve got the real ewbf, flesh and blood :slight_smile:

I am sad our smartminer is now dead. Too bad smartbitcoin was tempermental. I will give a try to the ewbf one, i am tired of ubuntu. It works pretty well with bitcoingold so i am confident. If you solo mine not sure you will see the 2% fee…

Even if you disable fee as they say, i dont believe them. I cant remember if it was ewbf who disabled some optimizations when you disable fees.

Anyway i always pay fee, to dstm or ewbf. I would even have liked to pay a fee to smartbitcoin.

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can you find out about disabling fee and losing optimization please?

https://www.reddit.com/r/zec/comments/7iwhgh/how_does_dev_fee_work_on_ewbf_cuda_miner/#thing_t1_dr20wix for example

People say they saw less performance, some say they saw no difference. I think they deserve a reward. Is that too much? Well i think that people complaining could put their energy in learning how to make such software.

Using the “—api” switch, you can launch your internet browser and go to: and the page will display some more awesome stats!

i see no issues in giving a reward but people should be aware either way.

Disabling the fee, disables only the fee and nothing more, no penalties. This is voluntary support for the developer.


Is there a way to configure this to work with multiple rigs and be able to remotely view it from a different internet connection?

Like if you have say 3 rigs and want to be able to monitor the api from your browser at work.

Thanks for your support. I know some people are rude with you because of your success but it’s great you keep on programming.

great work on the miner. Had it installed last night and its working flawlessly. Glad you made the dev fee voluntary, but I will keep it on to support devs. They are underappreciated and deserve much respect.

"[quote=“Yashnik, post:22, topic:1689, full:true”]
Using the “—api” switch, you can launch your internet browser and go to: and the page will display some more awesome stats!

Hello. How do you add that switch in miner.cfg?

Darn that typo cost me a night of mining lol, you had me put the lowercase W in.