Missing coins to my wallet

Help tokens from my wallet,
Time Sealed Tuesday, October 2, 2018 2:15 AM
Transaction Hash 0xfd60d04d9d270c14278ed6e712c17da03323c369f051c1ea2858157090d83f5a
Block Number 1321994
Without my knowledge, the coins were transferred to an unknown address


There are now 250 odd aion in your wallet.

You should transfer them out before the attacker takes those.


I lost 11,200 coins, how did it happen

What wallet do you use and how do you access it?

The only way someone can remove tokens from your wallet is if they have your private key, your seed phrase, or your keystore file. Have any of these been exposed? Have you typed any into the internet, or stored them somewhere that can be accessed from the internet?

The safest way to manage your wallets is to never let your private key see the light of day. Ledger’s hardware wallet has this functionality built in. You can also accomplish this by installing the Aion desktop wallet on an airgapped computer (one that is not, has not been, and never will be connected to the internet) and generating a new wallet there. Write down your seed phrase and keep it safe (ideally in 2 safe locations in case one fails), and export your keystore file to a thumb drive and keep that safe (again, making a backup in case the first fails).

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My Condolences man, that is brutal.

@viegan please share more details which wallet where you using?

Initially, the wallet was created on wallet.aion.network in May 2018, the paper wallet was saved in a safe place, in mid-September, after the release of the Windows wallet version, the paper wallet was imported into the official wallet, today the sutra discovered the missing coins

Did you use the address to mine on the network?

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yes it is used for mining

Can you contact me directly on Discord or telegram; I think someone got access to your mining node and sent transactions through that node; I am assuming you had your account unlocked on the kernel?

@Viegan Telegram here is my contact

I don’t think this is the case, the users address (from which the funds were seemingly stolen) has never mined a block, the majority of transactions are incoming from public mining pools.

@viegan you are still today receiving mining pool payouts to a supposedly compromised address? and why have you not moved your remaining balance to a new address??

We are investigating this, once I have an update will post it


Thanks to Dipesh for jumping in here.

If you have a support question the best way to get in touch is via the support@aion.network email.

We live in a decentralized world and there are some downfalls with that responsibility. We however have a recovery process for certain issues, please get in touch to discuss.

Not to be a downer here, but I feel like the resolution should be made public (barring personal info of course). In any case it is a good learning experience. Transparency seems like Aion’s strong suite!

@entasy we are still investigating, really hard to come up with a probable cause of what happened; We are still investigating and have also engaged our wallet auditors. We have thoroughly investigated the wallet and are still investigating.