Struggling to set up a persistent Ubuntu USB

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up a persistant Ubuntu USB for my second mining rig so that I can point it at my host rig.

I started with with Universal USB Installer and flashed Ubuntu 16.04 amd64 to the flash drive with a persistent file size of 4gb on a 16gb USB.

Then I booted it up on my rig. It gave me this error

But I was able to access ubuntu.

I then followed the community guide for installing Nvidia Drivers. I’m running 6 1060 3GB cards. So I installed Nvidia-390

I reboot the PC.

It then gives me this error.

And I can’t get any further in the process.

I’m currently plugging my HDMI cable into the first 1060 3GB card as I don’t have an adapter from VGA to DVI for the monitor.

Should I give up and get an SSD or how do I set up a persistant drive with the right drivers installed.

Any help appreciated

If I were you, I would give smos (google it) a try. Seems alot easier to setup, no struggle at all.

I’ll try it out. Thanks.

Another option is just installing to the USB drive like it is an SSD (not flashing the distribution image with persistent storage). I ran my first rig like that for months, but the USB drive crapped out on me and I ended up upgrading to a small SSD for speed and better reliability.

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Manged to set up SMOS and it seems to be working.

How do I tell for sure that it’s correctly connected to my solo pool?

The miner will be getting new jobs if it is connected to a working pool.

I’m getting new jobs in SMOS so i’m sure its working. If only I could find a couple blocks now.

Glad you liked smos :slight_smile:

If you are getting jobs, but not getting “accepted share”, read:

… especially the: pers AION0PoW

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I don’t have the command pers AION0PoW anywhere.

Should I have?

As long as you have -algo aion then you don’t need the pers argument.

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