Using Reference Miners

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Sorry if this has been asked before and some of the questions may seem dumb. I am thinking about mining Aion and have been reading the documentation. I also signed up for beta and have downloaded the kernel. I am not sure about couple of things so any help would be appreciated. Thanking in advance!

  1. Is running kernel same as running a node?
  2. When using the reference miners instead of the internal miner, do I need to run the kernel and the solo pool or just the solo pool?
  3. If I am using the reference miner, can I disable internal miner?

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  1. yes running the kernel = running a node. 2) So running all locally, to use the reference miner you need to have the kernel, the pool and redis running first. 3) Yes, there is a flag in the kernel config for turning off kernel mining.

Is there a place to get a definition or explanation of the difference of Kernel mining / Internal mining? Noob question :slight_smile:

The kernel miner is the internal miner that’s built into the kernel, it only uses CPU mining. The reference miner needs to connect to a mining pool (currently only a solo pool, but in practice you’ll be connecting to a big pool). The reference miner also allows for GPU mining, which is probably the only viable option when the mainnet is out.

This is my understanding of the whole thing, might not be 100% accurate or complete.


For AION , GPU mining typically is the preferred approach over CPU mining ???

Right now we’re able to do both. But soon CPU mining will not be worth it.

AION use EQUIHASH (memory intensive)

say I got 64G of RAM on intel i7 6 cores and 64G of RAM

while a single NVIDIA has around 6-11G of RAM

so CPU mining still not worth it ?


There is an easy way for you to find out!

Run each miner in benchmark mode and see what your throughput is. On my test machines, GPU mining far out paces CPU mining, but I don’t have as beefy a machine as you describe, so test it and report back!

I don’t believe equihash (even with AION’s adjusted parameters) comes anywhere near to requiring more memory than modern GPUs.

I have not had the box with
yet … so I wonder :slight_smile:

As a point of reference, in this post a benchmark was run on a CPU, vs the GTX 1080 in the following post. I don’t know the specs of the machine benchmarking the CPU miner, but the single 1080 card performed around 9 times more throughput.


GPU much better many times than CPU.

I wonder both run under the same condition of CPU and amount of RAM. Say utilize a single core of Intel I7 cores and 4G of RAM

if I understand correctly we can run multiple instances of CPU miners … (say I got 6 cores Intel I7 and 64G of RAM and 1 NVIDIA 1080 . I can run 5 instances of CPU and 1 instance of 1080 ??)

Both miners allow you to specify the number of threads so that you can utilize the full hardware. You only need to run 1 instance of either miner.

AION GPU miner work with NVIDIA Tesla P100 card or K80 ? Or as long as there is driver for it … should be fine ?